Early intervention is so important

Dyslexia: News from the web:

The most effective intervention is early, hopefully before the child reaches second grade. But, even before they enter school, they will exhibit some clues. They may have trouble learning to speak and doing such things as learning nursery rhymes as a result of memory and attention span difficulties. Kids with dyslexia also have difficulty recognizing letters and sounds, reading comprehension, and have poor spelling and letter recognition.

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Know the signs and get tested

Dyslexia: News from the web:


Dyslexia can impact a student’s learning in every part of a classroom and it can even affect adults in the workplace in areas including:

  • Writing: not being able to find the right word, difficulty getting ideas on paper.
  • Listening: distracting background noises, problems taking notes.
  • Spelling: similar sounds causing confusion, can’t remember what words look like.
  • Reading: needing to constantly re-read, moving or overlapping text.
  • Motor control: handwriting difficulties, difficulty copying.
  • Memory difficulties: dates, phone numbers, alphabet.
  • Spatial: left/right confusion, easily getting lost.

A child can get tested for dyslexia as young as five-years-old. The earlier it’s caught, the better their lives can be in the future.

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