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Self-Tests for Parents to Do at Home to Test for Dyslexia

When it is comes to testing for dyslexia, there is not one true test that can be done.  Because of this problem, many children have dyslexia, yet go untreated for it, while other children may have anotherlearning disability and are wrongly diagnosed with dyslexia.  As a parent, you are your child’s advocate.  Therefore, there are many signs and symptoms you can look when it comes to testing for dyslexia.

Children with dyslexia are not dumb or unintelligent.  However, due to their learning disability they may struggle with reading, schoolwork, and even paying attention.  They may also have low self-esteem or feel dumb, especially if they are comparing themselves with other children.  Your child may even have a high IQ, but standardized tests show differently.  If homework time is a constant struggle each night, this could be your first clue that your child has dyslexia. 

How Do They Do Reading Aloud?

Ask them to read out loud to you from simple storybooks (do not pick from stories that they could have easily memorized from hearing too many times).  If your child struggles with this task or even mixes up the words, it is another sign of dyslexia.  Some children will become emotional while reading.  Other children will complain of headaches or stomachaches when asked to read a book.

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