neural mechanisms of developmental dyslexia

Dyslexia: News from the web:

Neuroscientist Prof. Katharina von Kriegstein from TU Dresden and an international team of experts now show in a recently published study that people with dyslexia have a weakly developed structure that is not located in the cerebral cortex, but at a subcortical processing stage; namely the white matter connectivity between the left auditory motion-sensitive planum temporale (mPT) and the left auditory thalamus (medial geniculate body. MGB).

Original publication: “Reduced structural connectivity between left auditory thalamus and the motion-sensitive planum temporale in developmental dyslexia” Nadja Tschentscher, Anja Ruisinger, Helen Blank, Begoña Díaz and Katharina von Kriegstein: Journal of Neuroscience 14 January 2019, 1435-18; DOI:

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