Detect Dyslexia via a book?

Dyslexia: News from the web:

Havas Lynx Group has developed Andi Goes with a dual purpose – a book that for children acts as a fable to encourage them to embrace what makes them different, whilst for parents, the book helps to spot any possible early signs of the condition.

The book is written to include key words and phrases that may give an indication of dyslexia, such as using Fry’s first 100 words (the main words a child should read by the age of six) and in the parents’ guide at the rear of the book, there are tips on how to spot things like corrective partial decoding (where a child who finds it hard to visualise a word correctly – has a stab at it, a bit like predictive text). Signs within the guide are not meant to act as a diagnosis in themselves but are simply there to inform parents, to help them gain the confidence to push further, get professional help and, if needed, a diagnosis. Seeing these signs early is vital to the future of the child’s development and education.

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