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This story sent to us by Victoria:


I would like to share my Journey to Become a Writer, I was bullied at school, because I couldn’t spell, leaving me feeling isolated until my twin sister returned to the class with the morning register.

We shared the same learning difficulties and helped each other through them. We never received outside support and had to achieve everything on our own.

Both of us left school in 1986 with eight CSE grades of one to four, which we found outstanding under the circumstances.

At the age of thirty-one, I discovered I had dyslexia. This diagnosis lifted the darkened cloud from above me. I was also diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome, which is sensitivity to light.

Irlen Syndrome affects my ability to read or write on white paper, words will seem to melt on the page, blurring everything together.

Overlays of coloured plastic help ease this discomfort, and with the help of my rose-tinted glasses, I understand why I was never able to take dictation.

At the age of forty-two, a burning passion for writing I once had in my youth resurfaced. My learning disabilities had always kept me from trying to write, but with a new understanding of my challenges, I tried again.

With hard work and determination, I faced my arch nemesis once and for all. In 2012 I joined a short story and novel-writing course held at the local college. I was apprehensive when I joined my fellow writers.

Now I’m proud to have my book published on Amazon.



Even as an adult student I was able to follow my dream and achieve my life long goal, and I feel amazing being given this opportunity to share my story and offer others encouragement.

Kind regards


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