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Researchers used ultra-high-resolution structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), diffusion MRI, and probabilistic tractography to investigate the structural connections of the visual sensory pathway in dyslexia in vivo. They discovered that individuals with dyslexia have reduced structural connections in the direct pathway between the left visual thalamus (lateral geniculate nucleus [LGN]) and left middle temporal area V5/MT, but not between the left LGN and left primary visual cortex. In addition, left V5/MT-LGN connectivity strength correlated with rapid naming abilities—a key deficit in dyslexia .

These findings provide the first evidence of specific structural alterations in the connections between the sensory thalamus and cortex in developmental dyslexia. The results challenge current standard models and provide novel evidence for the importance of cortico-thalamic interactions in explaining dyslexia.

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