Unexpected benefits of writing cursive

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………..And finally, the biggest reason for my daughter to learn cursive is that both her parents have dyslexia. The way dyslexia works is things get flipped and moved around in a 3D environment in our minds. Because of this, “b,” “d,” “p,” and “q” all look the same. But if we learn to look at the words instead of the individual letters, then “bed” looks different from “pad,” for example. When I am reading and writing, I actually think about the word bed to help me see “b” and “d” differently. Cursive enables this by connecting the letters in a word together. My daughter may not have dyslexia, but she does show possible early signs. Because of this, if cursive was not introduced to my daughter in second grade after print handwriting was mastered, I would be taking her to calligraphy classes to get the basics of cursive.

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