Reading is not a natural process

Dyslexia: News from the web:

Reading is not a natural process. One must be taught to read in a systematic, structured manner.

The cost of reading difficulties in American society is widely accepted and largely incontrovertible. American employers spend $125.9 billion dollars to train potential employees in the areas of remedial reading, writing and mathematic skills. Students who do not learn to read will have difficulty mastering academic content, filling out job applications, reading prescription labels, and the list goes on. Not every child who learns to read is going to have a reading difference, but some do.

One of the reading difficulties identified is dyslexia. According to The International Dyslexia Association, approximately 20 percent of the population is dyslexic. Dyslexia is a cluster of symptoms that cause language processing issues for one’s entire life. Dyslexics often experience difficulties with both oral and written language skills, such as reading, writing and pronouncing words. Yes, a dyslexic student can learn to read.

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