Dyslexia Checklist

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All ages

1. Is he bright in some ways with a ‘block’ in others?

2. Is there anyone else in the family with similar difficulties?

3. Does he have difficulty carrying out three instructions in sequence?

4. Was he late in learning to talk, or with speaking clearly?

Ages 7-11

1. Does he have particular difficulty with reading or spelling?

2. Does he put figures or letters the wrong way e.g. 15 for 51, 6 for 9, b for d, was for saw?

3. Does he read a word then fail to recognise it further down the page?

4. Does he spell a word several different ways without recognising the correct version?

5. Does he have a poor concentration span for reading and writing?

6. Does he have difficulty understanding time and tense?

7. Does he confuse left and right?

8. Does he answer questions orally but have difficulty writing the answer?

9. Is he unusually clumsy?

10. Does he have trouble with sounds in words, e.g. poor sense of rhyme?

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