How to Teach a Child to Read

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Although I had been taught to read with phonics, I was not taught our English alphabetic system as a system. The result is that I failed in teaching my mother to read. Had I known then what I know now, it would have been as easy as pie. That is why when President Clinton decided that we could solve America’s literacy problem by recruiting a million college students to tutor the children of America, I knew that his program was as phony as a three-dollar bill. If the so-called professional teachers couldn’t do the job, what made him think that a million ignorant college students could do it?

The reason why Alpha-Phonics worked so well is that after analyzing our English alphabetic system, I was able to break it down into segments, beginning with the simplest elements and moving ahead to the more complex elements. Each of the 128 lessons taught one simple phonetic element, so that at the completion of the program the student would have learned not only our entire alphabetic system but also how to teach it to someone else. Also, I used no pictures. By eliminating pictures, I eliminated guessing. In other words, the student had to learn the entire phonetic system in order to become a fluent, accurate reader.
If you want to teach your child, or a dyslexic relative, or a dropout to read, you can get the latest edition of Alpha-Phonics at the Chalcedon Foundation. However, if you are having any problem getting the latest edition, contact me by e-mail at

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