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Have you enrolled in college despite living with dyslexia? If so, Gemm Learning wants to help you keep pursuing your academic and personal goals.

We know that college can be a challenging and exciting time, especially for a student who once struggled with dyslexia. To encourage students affected to pursue higher education, Gemm Learning is offering a $1,000 Overcoming Dyslexia scholarship to one college student in the spring of 2013 and another student in the fall of 2013.

Students who have been influenced by dyslexia can compete for the scholarship by sharing their personal stories. Write an essay on the topic of “How I Overcame My Struggle with Dyslexia” to enter the competition.

Follow the link to their website and read how you can enter the competition and what deadlines and other formalities are. Gemm specializes in software and remote tutoring of the children. They don’t call it tutoring because they work on fixing the underlying issues rather than creating an ongoing string of additional instruction sessions.

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